5 House Flipping Mistakes Newbies should try Avoid

March 7, 2018

Not every rehab and flip deal you get involved in will be successful. With poor planning and unrealistic numbers you can and sometimes will lose money.  As much as investors don’t want to hear this they need to recognize the possibility.  All it takes is a few small mistakes to turn a profitable looking property on paper […]


5 Tips To Help Get Your Flip Sold Quickly

February 28, 2018

As a house flipper your job isn’t over until the property is sold. You can do great rehab work but until you are at the closing table there is still more to be done.  Every day that you own the property you are on the hook for the carrying costs and other expenses.  It is […]


4 Dangers Of Skipping Permitting

February 21, 2018

  When new real estate investors start out they may try to save money and skip permitting. As the Real estate market improves and investing heats up, investors are increasingly looking for creative ways to maximize profits and cash flow. Subsequently, they are scooping up homes they may not have a few ago. Every house […]


Historic Homes-Flipping History

February 14, 2018

Prepare Yourself A good point to remember about historic homes most forget about is that when buying historic you will most likely lack on the common 21st Century luxuries. This may include heated floors, elevators, and even central air which in most cases is not practical for Historic Homes. In addition, the costs of repairing […]


How to Make an Offer on a House

February 7, 2018

Do your research To come up with a reasonable price, you need to know about two things: the local market and the seller. You can get information on both from Real Estate resources in your location and from your Real Estate Agent Start by researching local selling prices for homes comparable to the one you’re looking […]


5 Ways To Get A Property You Really Want

February 1, 2018

When you have your eyes set on a Property You Really Want, to go the extra mile to get it. It can be very demoralizing tracking a property for months only to have it end up with someone else.  In most cases buyers who know how to negotiate best end up with more deals.  Successful negotiation […]


Historic homes for sale?

August 30, 2017

Know some basic notions about what truly denotes a historic homes in the eyes of the law, the public and the National Register I remember once my son was watching a documentary about relevant aspects in the purchasing of classic motorcycles. Suddenly he turned, looked me up and down and asked me thoughtfully, “Daddy, are […]


Estate Sales Arlington VA

August 23, 2017

Learn some basic steps an Estate Sales At some point in your life, you could end up inheriting a property. After dealing with the grieving, there are some decisions to make: what to do with the possessions? Sometimes, families will move into an inherited home, selling their own things. In other cases, the beneficiary shall […]


Fixer Upper homes for sale in Virginia

August 16, 2017

Discover your ideal home where all others can see is an old broken shell. The concept A Fixer Upper is a real estate property that is usually offered for sale at a low price and it will require maintenance work. There are degrees of complexity in the “repairs”, but the truth is that these improvements […]


Avoid foreclosure in Arlington VA, the how to …

August 9, 2017

Money can buy part of the American Dream, a human aspiration since the beginning of time: the house itself… Unfortunately, the absence of money or a bad planning of your debts can cause you to lose it. But, Is there anything you can do to avoid foreclosure and be struggling at the auction of your […]